23 12 2011


JavaIDEdroid is an integrated development environment which runs on Android and allows to create native Android applications without the need to use the Android SDK on Windows or Linux.

Following development tools are integrated in JavaIDEdroid:

* aapt tool
* Eclipse compiler for Java
* dx tool
* ApkBuilder (only unsigned APKs)
* zipsigner-lib (this library also does the zipalign)
* BeanShell Interpreter

You can write your own BeanShell scripts, store them on your SDCard and automate the build process with them.

Aapt is integrated as native shared library (arm). It uses external libraries which require Android 2.3 or later and therefore, the aapt shared library has been built for Android 2.3. Despite this fact, it also seems to work an older Android versions (it ran ok on my Android 2.2.1).

The software is free under the GNU GPL v2 license.
Check the project web site for more information and support:
In the Wiki you’ll find a HowToGetStarted tutorial.

Please check the support forum before rating this app badly – it might need some configuration changes to fit your environment.


If you like this app, please check also JavaIDEdroidPRO!




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