VB6 Format(Now) for milliseconds

7 04 2010
Option Explicit     
Private Type SYSTEMTIME '16 Bytes  
  wYear         As Integer  
  wMonth        As Integer  
  wDayOfWeek    As Integer  
  wDay          As Integer  
  wHour         As Integer  
  wMinute       As Integer  
  wSecond       As Integer  
  wMilliseconds As Integer  
End Type  
Private Declare Sub GetSystemTime Lib "kernel32" (lpSystemTime As SYSTEMTIME)  


Dim sYear, sMonth, sDayOfWeek, sDay, sHour, sMinute, sSecond, sMilliseconds As String   

GetSystemTime NowTime  

sYear         = Format(NowTime.wYear, "0000")  
sMonth        = Format(NowTime.wMonth, "00")  
sDay          = Format(NowTime.wDay, "00")  
sHour         = Format(NowTime.wHour, "00")  'wHour - or + X depends local timezone
sMinute       = Format(NowTime.wMinute, "00")  
sSecond       = Format(NowTime.wSecond, "00")  
sMilliseconds =  Format(NowTime.wMilliseconds, "000")   



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