PirateBay taken down!

25 08 2009

Zee wrote this article.

Torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay has been taken offline by its primary ISP – Black Internet.

According to a decision by the Stockholm District Court to the ISP Black Internet to stop supplying capacity to the Pirate Bay, or risk a penalty of 500,000 Swedish kronor (£43,000/$71,000).

“We received the decision on penalty just after lunch and turned the capacity just before three approximately. There are laws and rules in society and should be followed. What we like it here and how we act in the future, we have not decided yet, “says Black Internet’s CEO Victor Moller to DN.se.

Former spokesperson for the site Peter Sunde has been tweeting: “A Swedish court apparantly decided it is illegal to be an ISP”, following that up with “it’s a scandal as usual of course”.


black Internet is not the only company that sells capacity to Pirate Bay, but Victor Moller says that it is all that now threatened with the penalty. He assumes that Black Internet is the largest supplier to the Pirate Bay.

“They will be able to redirect and get the capacity from elsewhere, but of course it takes some time,” says Victor Moller.

update: it’s up again!